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  • About Me

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    I am a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, and in 2003, God's transformative power forever changed my life. Since that remarkable day, I have wholeheartedly pursued a personal relationship with Him. Recognizing that I couldn't embark on this journey alone, God blessed me with an incredible partner – my beautiful and devoted wife, who shares my passion for God.


    Married since 2000, my wife and I form an unbreakable team in every aspect of our lives. Together, we have been blessed with a remarkable daughter named Gabriella, who, at the age of 15, possesses a fervent love for both Jesus and digital art.


    My ultimate aspiration in ministry and all aspects of life is to bring glory to God. I have received a divine calling as a pastor to proclaim the gospel and extend love to all people. My deepest passion lies in helping individuals establish a personal and transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I have observed that discipleship is often neglected in many churches. Therefore, I am driven to witness vibrant family discipleship wherever God directs me, empowering and equipping believers to grow in their faith. The mission of my ministry aligns with the core purpose of any authentic church – to fulfill the great commission. This entails making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By accomplishing this mission, we bring glory to God as more disciples worship Him and carry their crosses in obedience to His Word, eagerly anticipating the return of Christ.


    When I preach the gospel, my delivery is marked by grace and passion. I firmly believe in it's power as it serves as the gateway to salvation for everyone who believes.

  • Ministry Experience

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    Pastor | March 2023 - Present

    I am responsible for guiding the church in a revisioning process aimed at reaching out to our community for the sake of Christ. As part of this, I have implemented various technology updates, such as a new website, live-streaming, online giving, app, etc. Apart from this, I also offer spiritual guidance, teach, and prepare and deliver sermons. I am also responsible for administering the ordinance and performing other duties as required. Leading the church through a revisioning process to reach our community for Christ. Implemented technology updates, including a new website, live-streaming, online giving, app, etc. In addition to this, I provide spiritual guidance, teaching, and prepare and deliver sermons, administer the ordinance, in addition to many other duties.

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    Pastor | September 2018 - March 2023

    Led the church through a season of change. This included giving a vision for a future for the church after it left its former denomination due to the compromise of God's Word. This involved looking within to see what God has done with the church in the past. Looking ahead to the continued mission of the local church and how we must adapt and reform to be faithful to God in reaching the community. Part of this included changing the church's name, as it was a big barrier to reaching the community. At the beginning of 2020, we began the discussion of the name change with the congregation. While this type of change is always difficult, especially with nearly 120 years of tradition behind the current name, the name Protection Mennonite Church was laid to the side for the sake of the Glory of God and the need for the gospel to penetrate the community. We have launched several ministries, and the church's focus remains on Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known. This is done through preaching the gospel, Bible studies, prayer meetings, and outreach to our community.


    During this time, we also had a successful building campaign in excess of 50% of the annual budget that could be raised during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. This campaign included a roof replacement, a new sign updated to reflect the new name, a camera system, updated sound booth, and new equipment including PC, video streaming equipment, and software, replacing the projector system with large wall-mounted monitors.


    This has allowed us during Covid and after to stream every service to our local community. In addition, I developed the website and social media presence that has seen our church services being viewed in over 14 states and 11 countries. Along with the website, we incorporated online giving, which has given the overall tithing increase by over 20%. The vast majority of this increase has been from those who watch online outside the immediate area.


    I also helped lead the community and other churches and pastors doing virtual services during this time, including a 3-day virtual community service since we could not meet for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.


    During this time, I was nominated as the President of the Ministerial Alliance in Protection, KS. This entails the leadership of the four churches in Protection, identifying ways to help reach the community with events that bring the churches together.

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    Senior Pastor | July 2015 - September 2018

    In my time at New Hope, God used my family to bring healing to a severely divided church. They had been through a very painful time where the previous pastor caused division by trying to take over the church and have the current lay leadership replaced. The church with me as the under-shepherd had an increase of nearly 100 percent in membership. We launched a midweek Bible study and prayer service. We also started a youth ministry and transformed the evening service from a time of a simple sermon to a time where we go deeper into the Word with a focus on developing the members as disciples.


    In the first two years, the church went from having no baptisms in decades to being one of the leading baptizing churches in the state. We had actively engaged in working with parachurch ministries to impact the youth and outcasts in the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Including sponsoring Christian youth baseball teams and providing opening day outreach through food, prayer, and invitations.


    The church was also hit very hard during this time, with crucial leaders being brought home to glory. Several were dealing with cancer and had never had pastoral care and hospital visits. We implemented a visitation and care program that enabled many to see the love of Christ in the most difficult of times. The church also had a deacon family living in sin, and leadership wasn't willing to address it up to that point. I led the family and the church in church discipline. Sadly, we had to bring them before the church, which was very difficult as the church had never enacted disciple on any member in its 50-year history. After a time away, I am happy to report that the family has sought reconciliation. The church rightly showed grace to them.


    I have also updated the church to a mixed style of music during worship. This was a long journey, but we were able to show it's not the style but the content. Worship must reveal what God has done for us and needs to generate a proper and reverent response.


    I used my background with technology to launch a website and social media ministry for the church that produced growth because many prefer to listen to a sermon before attending for the first time.


    We had launched a small group ministry focusing on going deeper in the Word and fellowship. I have had many pastors, and regional ministers visit the church and genuinely say it is one of the most friendly and welcoming churches they have ever been a part of. I have been utilized as a conference speaker for my local association's yearly conference. I was ordained in Gospel Ministry at New Hope Baptist Church in Association with the Southern Baptist Conference on March 12th, 2017.

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    New Life Community Church (formerly Park Place Baptist Church).

    Internship | January 2011- June 2014

    As an intern pastor at Park Place, I was mentored in preaching, teaching, and counseling. I was called as a pastor, and the Senior and Executive pastors recognized that call while I was a church member. My internship started in January of 2011. I experienced nearly every aspect of ministry relevant to my training during my time. I led the youth and children's ministry on Wednesday nights also taught a small group and Sunday School. I assisted in the sound room and implemented new software that helped us streamline worship and allowed for a mixed style of music. I developed the church's website, social media presence, and smartphone app. We expanded the small group to include an in-house curriculum, and I worked with the pastor on creating pdf devotionals that coordinated the small group curriculum. At the end of my internship, the church assimilated with New Life Community Church, becoming their Montgomery, IL campus.

  • Education 

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    Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Phd Historical Theology 2020- Present

    Expected Graduation in 2024

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    Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Master of Theology 2024

    Th.M in Applied Theology

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    Sioux Falls Seminary

    Master of Divinity 2012-2015

    Standard M.Div Program

  • Secular Experience

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    Blue Cross of IL | Naperville, IL

    Level 3 Helpdesk & Executive Support

    September 2004 - February 2017

    Job Responsibilities

    • Assist end users with technical issues involving computer hardware and software
    • Handle all Director level and above incidents/requests at my site
    • Manage business printing fleet including vendor management
    • Photo, Video & Audio Editing
    • Managed System Access
    • Effectively troubleshoot, learn and practice safeguarding future networking issues.
    • Perform Window installs/upgrades 
    • Effectively troubleshoot end-user incident tickets.
    • Effectively working with vendors and third parties.
    • Project lead for several major IT projects.   
    • Team lead on major parent incidents affecting business production. 
    • IT emergency response team during after-hours support.

    Technical Skills

    Adobe Photo & Video Editing

    • Photoshop
    • Premiere Pro (Video Editing)
    • Adobe Flash
    • Advanced Knowledge of Adobe Master Collection Software 5.5, 6, Creative Cloud

    Microsoft Office Master Certification (click here for a copy)

  • Ministry Philosophy

    Conversion & Call To Ministry

    My wife and I were married when I was 19 years old. We didn’t have much money and came from unchurched, broken, and abusive environments. We worked minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. My wife had a life-transforming experience on March 26th, 2003. I was amazed over the next several months at the change I saw in her. I wanted to know what it was all about. I would read the Bible with her, but it made little sense to me, and I didn’t want it to. In October of that year, I had a near-death experience. I didn’t know much about Christ, but I knew He saved me and we started attending church together soon after where we would be baptized together.


    I started to feel the Holy Spirit calling me to become a pastor. I largely ignored it, as I would be the least qualified person in the church to do public speaking. The idea seemed ridiculous to me at the time. As time went on, the feeling increased with intensity. My wife and I had relocated to a different church because we had moved closer to work. A few weeks after attending, the pastor invited me to come on a retreat to an event called CECL (Center for Excellence in Congregational Leadership) in Green Lake, WI. In Green Lake, I surrendered to the call at one of the seminars. The President of Northern Seminary, Alistair Brown, was speaking. I honestly don’t remember anything significant to his talk besides the words, “you have studied long enough, it is time to get out there and do the work God has called you to do.” On the way back home from Green Lake, I discussed my experience with my pastor. He suggested two things; the first caught me off guard. He said, “run far away and when your done running if you still can’t escape the call then you are indeed called.” I replied with, “I am done running.” He then said I would need to enroll in seminary. I told him that I didn’t have an undergraduate degree, and he smiled and stated if it is God’s will, He will make a way. I was granted admission to Sioux Falls Seminary in 2012, and the pastor began to mentor me in a three-year bi-vocational internship. Through this experience, the church and pastor have affirmed I have been called to be a teaching pastor. I graduated in May of 2015 and have pastored two churches since graduation.

    Philosophy Of Preaching And Teaching

    My ministry philosophy can be broken down into this phrase, "preach the gospel and love the people." I am an expositor of the Word. I preach through books of the Bible line by line so that the whole counsel of God is preached. I believe every sermon should lead to the cross of Christ. I am spiritually gifted as a teacher. My sermons will reflect that with ample time of preparation devoted to bringing the passage to life in a way that is both accurate to the original hearers and relevant with an application for daily life. I believe sound doctrine trumps gimmicky preaching. While we want worship to be lively, preaching is not a form of entertainment but worship. It is hearing God speak through His messenger, similar to the days of the prophets and apostles.

    Philosophy Of Leadership

    I believe the model of servant leadership is the best approach. Since it is the model Jesus used, it is the model that His bride, the church, should utilize. I believe you lead by love and integrity, show people you care, and then they will listen. The role of a pastor is not that of an employee but of one who equips the saints for the ministry's work. A man on fire for God can accomplish much through the Holy Spirit, but a whole church can change the world.

    Philosophy Of Counseling

    I believe counseling is to be spiritual in nature, private in detail, and done in a community when possible. I believe the elders/deacons of the church should be equipped to provide spiritual counseling to the members in matters within the scope of training. The Pastor or pastoral team should handle severe matters. It should always be led by grace, and where matters of sin are addressed, they should be done so with the desire of leading individuals to a right standing before God. When counseling goes beyond spiritual matters, I believe it appropriate to refer to a Christ-centered counselor. I encourage a church atmosphere where when lay leadership struggles with sin and needs counseling. They should be able to step away from leadership until counseling has completed its purpose.


    Regarding marriage counseling, I require my wife to be present when counseling couples or only to counsel the man in line with keeping with scriptural mandates for the pastor to be above reproach.

  • References

    Trever Ball


    Dr. Mark Inman

    Director of Missions

    (573) 579-8143


    Barry Norris

    Pastor & Mentor

    David Riley


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